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someone get this for me in 8 days.

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Wedding in rural Haiti.

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Transformation Tuesday!

Normally I post a ‘before and after’ healthy lifestyle pic- but today, I wanted to post something that HASN’T transformed since this pic, over a year ago- and that’s a good thing! My love for The Hubbin.

We often get caught up in ‘change, growth, improvement’- because face it, women are awesome and we always strive to be our very best.

However, in all the length checks, product junkism, and weigh in days- try not to forget that somethings in life, don’t need a ‘Transformation Tuesday’- they are perfectly imperfect- and that’s the best thing about them.

Have a WONDERFUL day, Curlies!

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I wish they still screen savers like this

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What if all of our moms ran our blogs for a day

She would not like my queue

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